Grāmata Weekend Eats, S. Meirāne


Papildu informācija

This book is not about how to perfect one specific thing, but rather about how to make everything great. It’s to help you succeed, whether it be muffing, shortbread, or brioche. As you leaf through the pages, you won’t find a whole bunch of detailed explanations on how to perfectly prepare this or that – things that you might not understand half of. It’s also not a shopping list for all the things you don’t have – cake pans in 13 different sizes, glucose and fructose, and those kinds of things. You won’t find that here (that you need to find in other books).

This book is a continuation of Week.End.Eats – about my family’s values that I have grown up with from childhood and that I live by today. Heritage, travel, six-year-long (or older) stories, experiments, and values. It’s about farm-fresh eggs and organic flour and butter, and sugar.

This book is about your weekends when the house fills with the aroma of baked apples, butter, chocolate, sugar, and so much more. It has stories to go along with the recipes to give you a bit more information about these delicious dishes that I have learned to prepare and have eaten in various places around the world. Yes – this is a special book, just as the first part of Week.End.Eats

It is a story of my life, and I would be so happy and honoured if you could become a part of that life.

Many stories, suggestions, and inspiration (you already know what I like) + 80 recipes:

World travels
Flaky pastry (not to worry, it will turn out – trust me)

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