Midori Travelers notebook, black

Midori Travelers notebook, black
Midori Travelers notebook, melnaMidori TravelerMidori TravelerMidori TravelerMidori TravelerMidori TravelerMidori Traveler



22 cm x 12.5 cm x 1.8 cm


Soft cover





Be inspired to travel with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, where you can record precious memories from your journeys. Easy to hold in your hand, it’s the perfect size to bring along for you to write thoughts and observations from your trips. You can carry maps, tickets, and other travel essentials in the notebook.
The Regular Size Blank notebook that comes with the notebook features MD (Midori Diary) paper, made with care in Japan. The paper is bleed-resistant, feather-resistant, and fountain-pen friendly, giving the user a pleasant writing experience. The notebook is thin and lightweight, good for carrying around on your travels. You can refill the notebook inside and customize it by choosing different notebook types. Further customize your notebook by adding multiple notebooks, attaching a pen holder, or inserting a variety of other accessories.
This set includes the following, all tucked inside a neat paper package: leather notebook cover, notebook, cotton case, spare elastic band.
Leather care and caution – If the leather gets wet or is rubbed a lot, the color may transfer to clothing or other items. If it gets wet, pat it with a soft cloth and let it dry in the shade. Avoid washing the entire notebook cover with water, and avoid use of benzene or thinners. For storage, make sure the cover is not wet or dirty, and store it in a ventilated area. Avoid storing it directly in contact with other leather items or vinyl items, as the color may transfer. To preserve the natural beauty of the leather, the surface is not heavily treated, and therefore may get scratched easily in the beginning. As the notebook cover is used more, it will develop a glaze, the beauty will be enhanced, and scratches will be less visible. Those who are concerned about scratches may apply mink oil, which deepens the color of the leather and makes scratches less conspicuous

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