Bakers twine Gold

Aukla, zelta,45m, viskoze/poliesters



45 m



Wonderful soft bakers twine. Suitable for crafting, wrapping and many more. Please dont use for cooking. 45 m per Spool, made in Germany.Viscose, polyester. Yarn diameter approximately 1 mm. Approximately 16 g yarn per spool. This new single coloured metallic variant is completely made from a special metallic yarn thread.It shines like a wire, but can (almost) be treated like a normal yarn.It is wonderful for wrapping, hang tags, to knot, for buntings, for hanging up paper pompoms, tying friendship bracelets, all kinds of selfmade jewellery and much, much more possibilities.But please note that this yarn is not suited very good for tieing bows because of its special manufacturing method and material. It tends to untwist and split into its basic threads if treated without any care. Please always use a very sharp scissor and try to handle it with care, to prevent from untwisting. If you do so, you will be able to create gorgeous DIY objects with this very special metallic glow.

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