Personalised leather labels in Manilla

Have you already seen our beautiful leather labels from our collection “Better Together” and you though that: I should buy it to decorate my table for my celebration? – Then we are happy to inform you, that from now on you will be able to order personalised leather labels at the Manilla store! Manilla is […]


Manilla offers to rent stamps

Manilla store always listens to customers’ wishes and suggestions, that is why from July onwards there is going to be a chance to rent at Manilla more than ten types of a stamps. Manilla will have all the stamps that you can see in the picture: Amour Anchor Unicorn Dragonfly Eucalyptus Rocking Horse Leaves with […]


Manilla offer for cards and envelopes

As we know that cards and envelopes can never be too much we start July with a new and encouraging offer for our clients. Manilla offers you to buy 6 Manilla designed cards or envelopes, and get one of the cheapest for free!  This offer will be valid until the New Year, so everyone can […]


How to care of the Aechmea?

Aechmea [* Aechmea] Homeland is a tropical rainforest of Central America and South America. Blossom once in a lifetime, the flower delights even for several months. In nature, this plant grows on other plants, usually high on branched trees or on trunks or even stones. How to take care of Aechmea? Recommended temperature – 10-15 degrees […]


Manilla “must-have in this season”

Magazine “Pastaiga” asked us to comment on this seasons’ must-have tendencies in Manilla. Our interview is going to be available for you to read in June edition. We gathered five- the most interesting ways on how to congratulate someone. One of the must-have in this season are hand-made paper cards and envelopes. They are not […]


Becoming more nature-friendly

Manilla support any small steps that we can take to make it more planet-friendly. Manilla wants to be a nature-friendly company, so from now on you will have to pay for a paper bag with handels, making people to wonder if it’s really necessary. Packing your purchase in paper bag without handels is going to […]



Let’s live in meadows in July! This is a great time to enjoy the nature, meadows and flowers of Latvia, and Manilla can finally make an old dream to come true that hasn’t disappeared from our minds for a couple of years already – finally we will have our flower press for capturing summer within […]


Flowerbox – Acrylic card in box with flowers

The absolute hit of this season, which delights our hearts and your hearts since April – acrylic greeting card with prints, packed in a paper box with silk and dry flowers, and other decorations. Available in different designs, for different tastes. A great way to congratulate, wrap up the gift of the wedding or just […]


Manilla’s new wedding collection Better together

Manilla’s collection Better together is dedicated to the wedding season, has come to life. In order to make life easier for both the young couple and their guests, different products will be available to add the final touch of wedding day in style, from cards and envelopes, gift ribbons and small boxes to porcelain dishes. […]



We know that You probably were expecting Ligo wreaths, oak leaves and meadow flowers, but we have other flowers on our minds this month – magnolia! Why Magnolia? For several months we have been working on the creation of a new wedding collection, the main motif of which is magnolia – a flower that symbolizes […]