Terms and conditons

Customer– individual, who places an order in online shop manilla.lv and is the recipient of the ordered goods. These goods customer uses for personal needs, family member and relatives needs or for other purposes.

Seller – SIA Manilla

Online Shop – the Website, which has the Internet address www.manilla.lv, For online shop purchase customers are offered Seller’s products, as well as the ordered goods payment and delivery terms.

Website – www.manilla.lv

Product – a material unit, which are in goods turnover and is offered for sale in the website.

Order – in a proper way formalized Client demand for selected products to the Customer’s indicated address.


  1. General conditions

 1.1 When goods ar ordered in online shop tmanilla.lv, Customer agrees to the goods sale conditins(hereinafter – Conditions), which are explained below.

1.2 The relationship between the Customer and the Seller are governed by Latvian legislation.

1.3 Seller reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Order processing and delivery term

2.1 The Customer can place an order with preferred product. Based on the Customer’s choice there are made basket of goods.

2.2 When Customer is placing for an order, the Customer should note the following information:

Name and surname of the recipient

Delivery address


E-mail address

2.3 After the successful Order, the Customer will be sent information by e-mail about the order status. Order status indicates the stage of processing in the Customer’s order.

2.4 If the Customer orders goods in quantities exceeding the quantity of the goods on the Seller’s warehouse, the Seller will inform the Customer by sending an e-mail , which Customer indicated during registration. Customer has the right to pay and receive the goods in a quantity which is available in stock or cancel the order in this position. As an alternative solution also can be order postponement until the specified product will be available in the Seller’s warehouse in necessary quantity. If the Customer is not stated decision to Seller within 7 working days, the seller has the right to cancel this order completely.

2.5 The Customer must choose one of the billing methods (more information – Section 5). Customer confirm that at selected time will be located in the specified address.

2.6 At website placed information materials can not fully reflect the characteristics of goods (including color, size, technical parameters, shape). Before ordering Customer has the right to contact the Seller to specify Product details. If the Customer has not reached the Seller for detailed explanations, it is considered that the Client has no doubt about the characteristics of the product.

2.7 In case that the goods are not in the Seller’s warehouse in the required amount, including the reasons that not depend of Seller, the Seller has the right to cancel a given position in Customer order, informing the customer by sending a notification to the e-mail which Customer indicated at the registration.

2.8 In all cases, when Customer places order, it is considered that the Customer has read and unreservedly accepts all the terms of the Seller, as well as all the others conditions specified in the order.

2.9 Orders are processed each weekday from 10:00 to 17:00.


  1. Delivery

3.1 The seller undertakes to deliver the goods during 3-4 working days after order confirmation has sent to the Customer. This due date does not apply for cases where at manilla.lv stock is no needed goods, and the Customer is aware of the lack of ordered goods . At the same time, the Customer agrees that in exceptional cases, delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, manilla.lv immediately will contact the customer and agree about delivery. Delivery is provided in all Latvia regions, as well in the Baltic States and most European countries.

3.2 When order is placed You can choose one of the following options for goods receiving:

Get ordered goods in our shop, located in the Baznīcas Street 37, Riga (advance payment by bank transfer);

Goods delivery by our courier throughout the Latvia and Europe (advance payment by bank transfer);

Delivery by DPD “Pickup Paku Bode” and Omniva parcel machine throughout Latvia, Baltic States and Europe (advance payment by bank transfer).

3.3 To find out the exact cost of order delivery, insert in the virtual basket all items and go to the “Basket”. Select the place of supply, and the system will indicate the exact shipping costs for your order.

3.4 Seller does everything that depends on it, to comply with the delivery term, but, despite this, there may be delays for delivery, because of reasons which does not depend from Seller.

3.5 Orders that are approved till 12:30 are transferred for delivery on the same day. Orders that are approved after 12:30 are transferred for delivery in the next working day.

3.6 The Customer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the case that Customer can’t accept the goods, but the goods are delivered to the address given by the Customer, the Customer is not entitled to bring claims against manilla.lv due to unsatisfactory delivery of the goods.

3.7 In all cases where the courier delivers the goods to the buyer, and the package is wrinkled, wet, or otherwise damaged from the outside, the Customer should indicate that in shipment acknowledgment of receipt (write a comment), or write a separate act of such defects. The customer must do this in the presence of the courier. If such action is not made, manilla.lv is released from liability to the Client, if Customer is not described damages in delivery confirmation.

3.8 In cases where the Customer receive goods and notices that in package does not contain the corresponding goods or the goods are not the right size, color or other irregularities, the Customer must immediately inform manilla.lv.

3.9 Product accidental loss or damage risk passes to the Buyer when the Customer receives the order.

3.10 In case where the order is not delivered to the Customer, it is lost by mail (courier) employee, the Seller will reimburse money for paid goods and value of delivery to the Customer, only after the Seller has received proof of loss or compensation from the postal service.

3.11 The order is delivered to the Customer or the person specified in the Order, as a recipient of the Order.

  1. Payment

 4.1 Product price is specified in the website. In case the ordered product was incorrect price, the Seller as soon as possible will notify the Customer to canel or confirm the Customer’s order. If it is not possible to contact the Customer, the order will be considered as cancelled. If the order has been paid, the Seller returns the payment amount.

4.2 Customer pays for the selected goods by one of the manilla.lv offered Billing Method:

Paying in advance, using the following bank payment cards – VISA, Eurocard / MasterCard, VISA Electron, American Express.

4.3 If the Customer chooses one of online payment methods, he undertakes to pay for the goods immediately, otherwise he loses the right to bring claims of order delivery time. Customer’s order is made only when payment for the good is received.

4.4 The seller has the right to grant to the Customer a discount and offer to participate in loyalty programs. Seller is entitled to amend them unilaterally.


  1. Return

 5.1 The Customer is entitled to refuse from the ordered goods within 14 days of receipt. Return is possible only in cases where the product is maintained appearance, product features and original packaging and labeling.

5.2 If, despite the description of the product and inspection, within 14 days the Customer decides to return it to the shop, shipping expenses will be charged to the Client. We expect that in this case the Client will check product quality and will return goods exactly the same as received, including packaging.

5.3 To avoid confusion, at the order receiving time, make sure that it is fully consistent with the ordered (producer, model, color, size and other relevant parameters). When viewing the received products in the presence of the courier, you find that it is for some reason don’ satisfy you, the courier will draw up legislation and product in their original packaging together with the accompanying documents will be sent back. In this case, shipping expanses pays Customer.

5.4 If you find defects caused during delivery (scratches, cracks, etc.), you have the right to refuse the goods immediately (at the delivery time). Shipping expanses pays Seller.

5.5 According to the Consumer Protection Law by Latvia, the Seller is entitled to refuse to take back goods from the Customer, or in some cases, to withhold a refund if the goods are not returned in the original packaging, packaging has been seriously damaged, it is noticeable minor usage traces, such as: scratches and similar defects. If the Customer’s usage of the goods have diminished they value, the Seller reserves the right to charge the reduction of the value of the refundable amount.

5.6 Using the right of withdrawal, the Client should note that the product must be returned to the Seller at Customer own expense within 7 days from the date of the Client sent a refusal. For special cases please call to our contact phone +371 22009101.

5.7 The Seller takes care of the goods, and dispatch them to the Customer in perfect quality. However, if you will find any technical defects or deficiencies within 14 days, in agreement with us (writing us an e-mail, we will send detailed instructions to the Customer), you can send them back to the shop. In this case, the Client has the right to request replacement of the goods or for the return of money. Shipping expanses pays Seller.

5.8 Client is not entitled to withdraw from the goods with individual features, if these goods can be used only by Customer who purchased it. (for example, individual invitations).

5.9 The consumer is responsible for product quality and safety during right to refusal term.

5.10 Along with the use of products Customer confirms that product complies with the ordered and are not refundable.

5.11 Customer has the right within 14 days from the moment of receipt, exchange purchased goods against an analogous, if this Product dimensions, color, shape, size or equipment are not satisfying the Customer, on the condition that packaging design, product features and its original packaging is saved.

5.12 In cases where goods have been changed and they have price difference, the client must pay the price difference. The price difference must be paid by transfer to a specified bank account.

5.13 If the Customer returns goods for the exchange, but the seller does not have analogous products, customers are entitled to withdraw from the implementation of these provisions and to demand the return value of the goods, excluding transport costs.

5.14 The money will be returned after Customer’s written application. The money will be transferred to the Customer’s specified account, with conditons that the Seller has such a possibility. The seller will return the amount paid for goods in 7-30 days. Seller reserves right not to refund the money until the Customer will not have the goods returned or submitted for goods forwarding supporting documents.

5.15 In case of returning the goods, please note that:

  • You can check the product, but should not use it;
  • the goods must be returned undamaged, in the original packaging;
  • returned goods must be in complete set.

If you have disregard some of the above points, we reserve the right not to accept goods return or change.


  1. All rights reserved

All site published textual information and graphical image copying is prohibited. All brands placed at website, their  trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners.


  1. Guarantees and responsibility

7.1 Seller is not responsible for Customer losses resulting from the incorrect usage of Product.

7.2 Seller is not responsible for external websites content and functionality.

7.3. The seller is entitled to give its rights and obligations to related parties in their relations with the Customer.

7.4 Online shop manilla.lv inserted in the Descriptions of the goods that are inserted in online shop manilla.lv is informative meaning and given information does not create a legal obligation between the Customer and the online store owner. Product description may not meet the buyer’s criteria of information.

7.5 Manilla.lv online shop owners are not responsible for the color image display at buyer display.


  1. Personal information, privacy and security


8.1 Obtained information disclosure by Seller.

 8.1.1 Using manilla.lv online shop, the Customer may be asked for personal information, including information that is needed to be able to buy a product, sign up for a newsletter or submit questions. In the website, the Customer will be asked to give information about his name, address, e-mail address and other data.

8.1.2 Personal data will be used with special attention and consideration. Seller will use Customer personal data to fulfill their obligations to the order execution and processing and for the payment and delivery of goods, where the Customer’s personal data will be used for the following purposes: accounting, billing, credit cards and other payment card authorization, communication with the customer, and others with order processing and execution-related purposes.

8.1.3 If the customer has decided to sign up at the Website, Seller shall be entitled to use the information to personalize and improve the operation of the Website. This may include, for example, but not only, advertising, prepared in accordance with the Customer’s past purchases.

8.1.4 Seller will make processing of personal data in order to ensure confidentiality and apply internal procedures and control measures to prevent the unauthorized use of personal data, access, disclosure, copying, modification or damage, and to use all reasonable means to ensure the security of personal data, integrity and privacy. The seller collects and processes personal data only for complying with the obligationss in conformity with the regulations.

8.1.5 Customer personal data will not be transferred to any related party, except in cases where Customer has agreed with it, and it is necessary for the Seller and Customer mutual obligations or is otherwise permitted, in accordance with laws and regulations.

8.1.6 Disclosure of information within the corresponding Latvian legislation is not considered as a violation.

8.1.7 The seller has the right to use “cookies”. “Cookies” does not contain confidential information and is not transferred to third parties.

8.1.8 The seller receives the IP addresses of Website manilla.lv visitors. This information is not used for the purpose of determining the visitor’s personality.


8.2 Goods and services ordering online

 8.2.1 If the customer wants to place an order online, the seller need to know the customer’s name, email address, telephone number, email address and the data related to payment (such as credit card number and expiration date). This allows the seller to provide the customer’s order execution and inform about the status of the order.


8.3 Data updating      


8.3.1 The seller undertakes to ensure the accuracy of personal data and rely on their customers, suppliers and other third parties that data will be transferred completed and correct.

8.3.2 The Customer shall be entitled to amend, refresh or delete personal data, which is stored in Customers account, at any time, if it is necessary.

8.3.3 In case the Custmer wants: unsubscribe from newsletters receiving, completely delete their personal data or have any other questions about personal data use, please contact with “Manilla” writing on manilla@manilla.lv or calling +371 22009101.

8.3.4 Seller is not responsible for the Customer’s public information in other Websites.


  1. Others conditions

9.1 The relationship between the Customer and the Seller ir governed by Latvian legislation.

9.2 If Customer has any questions or disagreement, the Customer can contact Seller by telephone +371 22009101 or via e-mail: manilla@manilla.lv.

9.3 All parties of disagreement as far as possible will solve disagreement through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the court will be involved, in accordance with Latvian legislation.

9.4 If the court adjudges one of these Terms point as invalid, this does not mean that the other provisions shall be considered as invalid.

9.5 The Seller has the right to amend the Privacy rules at its discretion. These Privacy rules is available at Seller Website and are applied publication date, which is stated at the beginning.