After quite a run in march and april now we can slow down to meet and greet spring air and May around the corner! And we meet it happy – we are excited about our new shop location and blooms around us makes us smile and stop for a moment to deeply breathe in the […]



April will be a special one for us… Although we greet it with quite many busy days, we are excited about all great things ahead! In april we will surprise You with new products in our shop – home decor range and we will offer coffee with cake aswell in our small cafe corner! We […]



Snowy or already blooming – march always is a bit in “spring is around the corner” mood. This year it is frozen and still, but that is only the part You see. Actually inside (the ground under the snow and inside us) everything is happening. Why we are so eager to greet spring this year? […]



This months wallpaper theme continues from Manilla new card collection Brush & Confetti, made from brush strokes, color confetti and inspiring love quotes. We will introduce new cards soon (but they are already available in shop), but while we wait – let there be wonderful February for all of us! Monthly wallpapers as usual are […]


January 2018

1st january is the perfect day to sit down, open the new planner or notebook and make notes of things You wish to do, plan or dream about. And we really hope they will come true! Have a wonderful 2018! And if You are not enough from this pattern, get planner or wrapping paper @ […]



Since ancient times, the camel has been a symbol of peace, goodwill and love, a protective mascot. Let’s celebrate this December – full of good works and thoughts filled with full love, full of love! To be beautiful! Monthly wallpapers as usual are made in collaboration with our dear Kaiva and Elina. Click on picture, open […]


Manilla planner 2018

#uzmirkliapstajies (Stop for a moment) is the motto of the MANILLA 2018 Planners. Because our lives and memories consist of moments! And we invite you to enjoy, plan and collect the most beautiful MOMENTS of your life! At the same time, we have devoted the next year’s planners to Latvia’s 100th anniversary and Latvian gold […]